Maintenance Tips

Elkhorn Decorative Concrete Service takes several measures to assure the longevity and durability of your concrete when we place it and finish it.  But there are certain things home owners should do as well to maintain their concrete.  The biggest culprit of concrete damage is this fickle Colorado climate we live in.

  • MOST IMPORTANT RULE:  Never use ice melt products or salt on your concrete.  Here's why:  Concrete is porous.  When you use ice melt products, it melts the snow and ice and it trickles into the pores of the concrete.  When it gets cold, especially at night, that water freezes in the pores of the concrete.  This is what causes the majority of spalling and flaking you see on concrete surfaces.  The new the concrete the more susceptible it will be.
  • Try to keep the snow shoveled off your concrete, especially when under a year old.
  • In the winter time another great way to protect your driveway is to wash your car after a snow storm.  The mag chloride the city sprays on the streets builds up on your car (its that nasty black ice looking stuff).  As it  drips off your car, onto your driveway, it will have a similar effect as the ice melt.
  • Stamped concrete should be be resealed every couple of years.  Not only will it keep it looking nice and new, but it also keeps the colors bright and protects the surface from the weather elements.  Elkhorn Decorative Concrete  offers a reseal service for a minimal charge.